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Rowe & Associates has a selection of psychologists that offer peer supervision services in a range of areas. 

Supervision is important in order to maintain high industry standards, identify areas for ongoing professional development and helps clinicians stay up to date with evidence based research. 

Clinical Supervison and Training Rowe &  Associates

We can offer support, guidance and supervision in the following areas: 

  • Working with families who are litigating in the Family Court

  • Conducting therapy with separated families 

  • Assessment and intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorder 

  • Intervention for behavioural difficulties in childhood 

  • Treating childhood anxiety 

  • Identification of Learning Disorders

  • Assessment and intervention of childhood ADHD

  • Understanding the NDIS for your clients and your reporting obligations

Our supervision and training services may be conducted individually or in a group setting. We offer training for allied health group practices, medical professionals, preschool staff and school teachers.

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