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Understanding and Parenting The ADHD Child Rowe & Associates


Live & Interactive Webinar with Clare Rowe

Empower Your Child's Potential with In-Depth Knowledge and Practical Strategies

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Is your child facing challenges with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)?


Do you struggle with the amount of conflicting information about ADHD and are looking for straightforward and evidence based information you can trust to understand the diagnosis?


Join us for an informative online webinar led by leading child psychologist, Clare Rowe.


In this webinar, Clare will demystify ADHD, providing an understanding of its neurology, diagnosis, and debunking the myths surrounding this disorder.


Gain valuable insights and practical strategies to support your ADHD child so that they can thrive.

Kids with ADHD:

Are more likely to struggle academically

Can find it difficult make and maintain close friendships

Grapple with big emotions

Struggle to maintain a healthy positive self-image and are more likely to have low self-esteem

Understanding and Parenting The ADHD Child Rowe & Associates
Understanding and Parenting The ADHD Child Rowe & Associates
Clare Rowe Understanding and Parenting The ADHD Child Rowe & Associates
Meet Our Expert: Clare Rowe

Clare Rowe is the director and Principal Psychologist at Rowe & Associates, a leading private child psychology clinic based in Sydney.


With her no-nonsense approach to modern-day parenting, Clare equips parents with the confidence and tools they need to support their child with ADHD effectively.


With extensive experience in assessment, diagnosis, and intervention for ADHD children, Clare has helped countless families navigate the challenges of ADHD and thrive.

This webinar is designed for:



Whether you suspect your child has ADHD or already have a diagnosis, this webinar will empower you with the knowledge and strategies to provide the best support possible.


Educators & School Teachers

Gain valuable insights into understanding and effectively managing ADHD students in the classroom.



Allied health, psychologists, and other professionals working with ADHD children can benefit from the latest evidence-based approaches.

Who Should Attend?
Key Takeaways
Key Takeaways:

By attending this 90-minute webinar, you will:

Understand the Neurology of ADHD


Gain an in-depth understanding of ADHD at a brain level, exploring the neurological mechanisms that underlie this complex disorder.


By delving into the neurobiological aspects of ADHD, you will develop a clearer perspective on its impact on your child's behaviour, emotions, and cognitive processes.

Recognise ADHD Symptoms


Learn to identify common signs of ADHD in your children, leading to early intervention and support.

Clear Understanding of the Assessment Process


 Navigate the assessment process for ADHD with confidence and knowledge. Understand the different components involved in diagnosing ADHD, including behavioural observations, interviews, and psychological evaluations.

Evidence-Based Interventions and Treatments


Differentiate between evidence-backed interventions and treatments, enabling you to make informed decisions. Understand various approaches including behavioural interventions and mediation options, understand their efficacy and arm yourself with knowledge to make informed decisions alongside health care professionals for your child.

Practical Strategies to Support Your ADHD Child


Walk away with practical strategies to support your child in achieving their potential. From managing time and organising tasks to promoting self-regulation and emotional well-being, these strategies will empower you to foster your child's strengths, boost their self-esteem, and build resilience

Registration Details:

The registration fee for this 90-minute interactive webinar is $69.


Secure your spot now for the opportunity to interact and ask your questions directly with Clare Rowe, a leading child psychologist.


Can’t make it live?


Don’t worry, everyone who registers will also get a copy of the webinar recording sent directly to their email.

Understanding and Parenting The ADHD Child Rowe & Associates
Benefits of Attending:

Gain valuable insights from a leading child psychologist experienced in working with children and families impacted by ADHD.

Learn evidence-based strategies for managing ADHD in children.


Understand behaviour patterns and foster a supportive environment.


Demystify ADHD and understand its brain neurology.


Engage in live Q&A with a leading child psychologist to get personalised answers.


Leave with actionable strategies to assist your ADHD child.

Understanding and Parenting The ADHD Child Rowe & Associates

This webinar will be conducted live, allowing you to interact with Clare Rowe

during the Q&A session.


Prepare your questions and make the most out of this informative and interactive experience.

Don't miss this opportunity to empower yourself as a parent or professional and support your ADHD child to thrive!

Limited seats available. Reserve yours today.

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