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Mobile Phone Contract for Parents and Teenagers

Thinking it’s time to give your child a mobile phone?

Download my free resource for essential advice for creating a mobile phone contract that works for both parents and teenagers. 

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Establish clear guidelines to ensure responsible phone use and open communication.

Learn how to set boundaries that promote healthy digital habits while maintaining trust and understanding.

Is your child about to get a mobile phone?

Are you worried about the dangers of screen addiction, online bullying and social media?

Download our free resource to customise your own mobile phone contract to give to your child when they receive a phone.

I have always urged parents to make sure that they set all of the ground rules and expectations around phone use BEFORE they hand over the device!

With some careful thought, consistent guidelines and open communication, you can navigate this new milestone successfully with your child.


Understand the key components of an effective mobile phone contract


Establish rules and boundaries that promote responsible phone use


Foster open communication and trust between parents and teens


Address common issues and challenges related to teen phone usage

Plus the resource will contain an example of an actual contract that you can completely customise and use immediately with your child.

Do I really need a contract with my child?

•  It takes away the daily negotiating around phone use

•  It is a non-emotional agreement between you and your child

•  It outlines what will happen if your child refuses to follow the agreement

Free Download

Mobile Phone Contract for Parents and Teenagers

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