As the mother of a toddler I invariably have Sesame Street as the background sound to my house (thinking it slightly more educational than Peppa Pig?). Last week whilst going about mundane house duties something made my ears prick up. Time to announce the word of the d...

If your school holidays are anything like others they are filled with constant requests of movies, playdates, trampolining, waterparks, sleepovers and sugar. As a parent, the time between Christmas to school returning can feel like a whirlwind of keeping the kids enter...

Being pregnant left me a lot of time for anticipating that moment. You know the one.. where my child is finally handed to me in a euphoric climax of nine months of expectation. Hormone filled ecstasy and pure exhilaration as my eyes lock with my child’s for the first t...

Many times in my office I hear well-meaning but exasperated parents remark “But she only ever feeds them junk food!”, “They are up all night at my ex’s house and then I pay for it when they come home exhausted!” and “All he does is dump them over at the grandparents wh...

In my office, I see parents seeking “strategies” every day in regards to how to manage their child’s behaviour. By the way I hate that term – “strategies” – when did parenting became so… strategic? Although I do accept that each and every child is an individual, and wh...

We have lost our way when it comes to eating. Initially I thought I would write this article primarily about feeding our fussy kids… after all I am a child psychologist… but this is not a ‘kid’ problem. There are increasing number of adults who are only able to eat ‘ki...

Sticker charts seem to be the answer to m

Sticker charts seem to be the answer to most child behaviour problems it seems. Toileting problems? Use a sticker chart. Sleeping problems? Use a sticker chart. Tantrums and defiance? Yup, bring out the sticker chart.

Why then do...

Not the type of title you may expect from someone promoting their business as a child psychologist. But it’s the truth – too many children are in ‘therapy’ for simple and common issues that are best dealt with by parents.

A few weeks ago I remember seeing a story on pri...

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