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Glamour Shots and Dandelions

Every quarter the Rowe & Associates team catch up for a full or half day of professional development, self-care, and time with our colleagues. With each team day promising to be different from the last, and fulfilling in new and unique ways, February 2024’s did not disappoint!

With some new team members, and new haircuts (!) since the last time the website headshots were updated, the group started the day in the clinic for team photos. Watch this space because those shots should be coming to the Rowe & Associates website soon!

Having an inkling of what was in store for us in the afternoon, some sustenance in the form of good food, great company, and idyllic surroundings was called for. So, we took our fill of all three, at The St. George Sailing Club, a beautiful lunch spot down on the water of the Georges River at Doll’s Point. All reflecting on how nice it was to have a place like this on our doorstep.

The final stop for this team day was the warehouses of the Dandelion Support Network Inc. (Dandelion) in Taren Point. This amazing organisation collects and distributes donations of preloved and new, nursery furniture, clothing, toys, and other items for babies and children of vulnerable families in need.

The Manager of Corporate Partnerships and Events, James, provided us a brief history of how Dandelion came to be, the need it fills, and showed us around… and then we were off! Sorting and packaging clothes, toys, and stationery for kids of all ages and their families… and it is safe to say that more than one of us got a little clucky sorting through the goodies.

Dandelion is a charity run largely by volunteers who collect and process all donated items, inspecting them to make sure they meet Dandelion’s high-quality assurance standards, to ensure they will be enjoyed by their new families. Then the goodies are packaged up with love, ready to be sent off to uplift their new owner’s. Dandelion partners with social workers and case workers to get these packages out to some of the most vulnerable families in the community so that they do not go without. The disadvantaged families supported include those living in housing stress, escaping domestic abuse and violence, those living with mental health issues, or refugees.

Thank you for having us Dandelion, we will certainly be back for another fun and rewarding afternoon helping you do the great work that you do!


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