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Registered Psychologist 

B.A Psych, Postgrad Dip Psych

Joanne Sorrentino obtained her psychology degree at Macquarie University. Joanne has over 10 years’ experience providing a wide range of treatment to children, adolescents and adults. Joanne has experience in both the community based and private sectors.

Joanne provides psychoeducation and interventions relevant to the management of developmental and educational issues. She has a particular interest in utilising the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy model and implementing Solution Focused Therapy. 


Joanne specialises in providing individual counselling to children and adolescents on various issues such as anxiety, depression, school refusal, social skills as well as confidence building. She has extensive experience in working with adolescents in trauma based therapy.


Through her work, Joanne emphasises the importance of working with clients and their families to overcome any presenting problem. Her work follows resilience building and involves the teaching of specific strategies and the modification of negative attitudes, beliefs and behaviours to enhance a client's quality of life.

 Joanne believes in a biopsychosocial model and prides herself on her ability to assess each individual’s needs and work alongside schools and other medical professionals to devise and implement tailored and holistic treatment management plans.

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