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About Us Rowe & Associates

Rowe & Associates is a team of psychologists who have substantial experience working with children, adolescents and families. We can work closely with your paediatrician, GP or other allied health professionals to achieve the best outcome for your child and family. Using evidence based methods of tailored assessment processes and interventions, our psychologists are highly trained and experienced in the field of paediatric psychology. We pride ourselves on practical, common-sense support and advice. 


Led by Clare Rowe, Educational & Developmental Psychologist, the practice boasts a team of clincians who have unique skills, interests and expertise in child and family psychology. When you contact the clinic our friendly staff will answer any questions you may have and recomend the most appropriate psychologist based on your current concerns. We understand that coming to see a psychologist for your child is sometimes daunting, and we pride ourselves in providing the very best in speciality evidence-based care in a relaxed and supportive environment.


Psychometric Cognitive Assessments

Autism Assessment and Intervention

Depression and Emotional Difficulties

Behavioural Difficulties

Fussy Feeders

Parental Training and Support

Child Anxiety

Learning Disorders Including Dyslexia

ADHD Assessment and Intervention

Divorce & Separated Families

Family Court Assessments 

Family Court Ordered Therapy

Mobile Therapy at Preschools and Schools

About Us Services Rowe & Associates
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