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Wizarding Pottery with a Side Dish of Leafy Greens Please!

The team at Rowe & Associates recently took time away from the office to learn about a helpful online tool for separated families, update our knowledge around paediatric dietetics, and then get our hands a little dirty over some pottery. Why? … because new tools and updated knowledge make us better clinicians (for our clients) and getting a little creative is a great way to ensure self-care and bond with our colleagues.

Timothy McMichael from Our Family Wizard gave a great presentation on Our Family Wizard’s co-parenting app. Timothy showed us how easy the Our Family Wizards app is to use and how it helps take some of the angst out of communications when co-parenting. The app enables separated parents to send messages, share pictures and moments, view a joint calendar, and log expenses for their shared children…. It even has a tone checker option to remind users when the occasional message could do with softening.

The very knowledgeable Paediatric Dietician Leah Vanderwliet talked us through the latest research around dietary issues faced by children and their families. We discussed the notion of responsive eating, so coercing or negotiating with our children to eat everything on their plate is out, instead teach them to develop food preferences autonomously fostering ongoing good relationships with food. Some good news for our young people with ADHD diagnoses; there is little evidence in support of depriving them of sugar and gluten over other young People can improve ADHD symptoms; and Iron and Zinc are prevalent nutritional deficiencies in children so red meat, leafy greens and fortified bread and grains are in!

We rounded out the day with some pottery. Siobhan from Part Time Ceramics guided us step by step through hand building pottery where team members created and decorated vases, bowls, and mugs. Another successful team day for us to clock up some professional development, connect with our team members, and let our creative juices flow.


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