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BA.(Psych), PGDip(Psych), MPsych (Ed. & Dev.)

Clare is the founder of Rowe & Associates Child and Family Psychology. As an Educational and Developmental Psychologist, she has extensive experience in paediatric psychology including assessment and diagnosis of childhood disorders such as ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, learning disorders and giftedness. She has extensive experience in the treatment of childhood and adolescent anxiety and depression, and parental training in behavioural management with oppositional behavioural difficulties.


Clare treats common challenging behavioural difficulties and is passionate about empowering adults to be calm and confident parents through practical and hands-on support. Clare also has a particular interest in providing therapy for children and families who are undergoing parental separation and are currently involved with the Family Court. She is available for independent assessment of families and works as a Single Expert Witness.


Clare is a firm believer that children and families should not be in long-term therapy -most common behavioural difficulties can be significantly improved in a few sessions of practical help.   

She holds onto the belief that in the vast majority of cases, parents are the best therapists for children. 


She has published research posters at international conferences on athlete pain management, mental resiliency and toughness and the benefits of mental imagery in performance and concentration. She is available for workshops, seminars and professional training. She has been a consultant for government initiatives and education departments.


Clare is a regular commentator in media publications and has been featured in  Practical Parenting, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Sunday Telegraph, Sydney's Child and Cosmopolitan. She has also provided comments and appeared on Channel Seven's The Morning Show, radio 2GB and 2UE, Sky News and is the Child & Family Psychologist Expert in the ABC show "Making Families Happy".


In July 2024 Clare will launch 'On The Couch with Clare' - a no-nonsense science backed podcast to help people live a better life.  

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