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As psychologists, we often talk to our clients about the importance of taking time to engage in self care as a way to look after their overall wellbeing. Not only is this important advice for our clients, it is also important for us as Psychologists to practise what we preach and do the same.

Our amazing team at Rowe & Associates decided to do this by visiting the breathtaking wellness sanctuary, Billabong Retreat for the day. This allowed us to engage in self care, promote wellness, and prevent professional burnout to ensure we are providing the best possible care for our clients.

The Billabong Retreat creates a sense of peace and relaxation, surrounded by natural beauty which creates an incredible space to reconnect with ourselves and others.

Our team was educated about holistic health techniques including mindfulness, yoga, deep breathing and meditation. These practices all aim to to align the body and mind and are a useful addition in self care.

Not only was this day beneficial for personal development, but it also bought a sense of community and connection within our team. We all felt stronger, valued and nourished after a special day. Creating strong working relationships here at Rowe & Associates makes everyone's time at work extremely enjoyable.

Valuing self-care is the key to living a healthy and rewarding life and our team at Rowe & Associates thoroughly enjoyed our day! Thank you to Billabong Retreat for hosting and taking care of us!


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